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How we compare

Sharebuilder Pricing Comparison
Capital One Investing Fidelity Scottrade TD Ameritrade E*Trade Schwab
Online Trades $6.95 $7.95 $7.00 $9.99 $9.99 $8.95
Options (per contract + base commission) $0.75 $0.75 $0.70 $0.75 $0.75 $0.75
Mutual Funds Offered Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Investments1 Stocks / ETFs / Mutual Funds Mutual Funds Only Mutual Funds Only Mutual Funds Only Mutual Funds Only Mutual Funds Only
Brokerage Account Minimum None $2,500 $2,500 None $500 $1,0002
Margin Rate ($25,001 - $49,999) 7.25% 7.825% 7.75% 9.00% 8.75% 8.00%
Express Funding Offered Not offered Offered Offered Not offered Not offered
Smartphone App iPhone®, Android™, Windows® Phone iPhone, Android, Windows Phone iPhone, Android iPhone, Android, Windows 10 iPhone, Android, Windows Phone iPhone, Android
Tablet App iPad®, Kindle Fire™ iPad, Android, Kindle Fire iPad iPad, Android, Windows 10 iPad, Android, Kindle Fire iPad, Kindle Fire
Broker Assisted Trades $19.95 $32.95 $32.00 $44.99 Commission + $25.00 $8.95 + $25.00 service charge

Capital One Investing rates effective 05/15/2015
Other broker rates current as of 07/08/2016

The Capital One Investing rates shown above are only applicable to our online self-directed accounts, not our advised accounts. For more information regarding pricing and rates for our advised accounts, please call: 1-800-248-3919, Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET.

$6.95 is the price charged for each online trade you make, but other charges may apply depending on your order. For complete information, including extra charges for Low-Price Securities, Mutual Funds, and more, see Capital One Investing’s Pricing and Rates. To find out what additional charges may be applied by other brokers, please see their websites.

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