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Privacy & Security

Safe and Secure Investing

What Capital One Investing does to protect your account

Here at Capital One Investing, protecting your investments and personal information is top priority. While we cannot disclose the full details of our security procedures, we can share the general steps we take to protect you, our faithful investor.

  • Your password is always stored in an encrypted format and we won’t ask you for your password over the phone or through email.
  • Our employees (who have access to customer information) undergo thorough background checks. Access to information is strictly limited.
  • We use a variety of techniques to provide multiple layers of protection against network or physical intrusion, and we’re constantly monitoring our servers and physical location for unauthorized access.

What you can do to protect yourself

Capital One Investing has the ability, the technology (a bit dramatic, we know, but totally true) to protect against direct attacks or attempts to hack our systems. But guess what? Information security doesn’t end with us. Here are a few things you should do to protect your account from hackers:

  • Protect Your Password. Your password is the private key to your account, and you’re the only person who should know it.
  • Update Your Computer. Regularly update your computer with the latest anti-virus software to boost its security.
  • Use Email Wisely. Fraudulent phishing? If a random person sends you an e-mail with a “fabulous” offer, it’s probably too good to be true. The best bet is to only open e-mail and attachments from people you know.
  • Use Social Media Wisely: If a foreign beauty queen or a handsome hunk (who you don’t know) wants to add you as his or her social media friend, it might be a trick to get you to eventually cough up your personal information.
  • Guard Your Identity. If your identity is stolen, thieves might drain your bank account, rack up credit card charges (while buying fine cheeses and renting sports cars), and commit other serious crimes.
  • Need to learn more? Review a complete list of ways to protect your information.

Think you've been scammed?

If you think that you’ve been scammed, it’s important to act fast. Please contact Customer Service at 800-747-2537.

If you're a Capital One Investing Customer and feel unauthorized activity has occurred in your account, please print, complete and return the Unauthorized Activity Affidavit image of a PDF icon to us. Once received, we'll research your claim and contact you with the results.

If you think your identity has been stolen, print and complete our ID Theft Toolkit image of a PDF icon. It's got everything you need to get you back on your feet. The sooner you alert your bank, brokerages, lenders, and one of the credit bureaus the less damage identity thieves will be able to do.