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Get your retirement under one roof.

Move other investing accounts to a Capital One Investing IRA in just a few steps.

  • 401(k) Rollovers
  • Account Transfers
  • Give an old 401(k) new life—in 3 steps.

    You can roll over a 403(b) or another qualified retirement plan into your IRA, too. Either way, we’ll help your rollover go smoothly. (You should consider these points before deciding if a rollover is right for you.)

    • Step 1

      Let your former employer or plan administrator know you want to roll your account over. They’ll need a few instructions, which you can print from our website. Learn more.

    • Step 2

      Tell us if your previous employer or plan administrator needs our help to get things going. We can start a rollover to your account here on your behalf. Learn more.

    • Step 3

      We’ll let you know when your previous account’s assets have been rolled over—or you’ll receive a check for that account’s funds. If so, just deposit it into your IRA. Learn more.

  • Manage your assets more easily

    Transferring other accounts into your IRA gives you a more holistic look at your retirement funds. Sell your assets and transfer in cash, or bring over shares directly. (You should consider these points before deciding if a transfer is right for you.)

    • Step 1

      Fill out a straightforward form and provide your most recent account statement from the other brokerage. Learn more.

    • Step 2

      Choose to liquidate your other account or transfer the securities (or cash) to your IRA. (We won’t charge you either way, but can’t say that for your other brokerage.)

    • Step 3

      If you sold the securities in your other account, you can research and buy new ones with that cash. That’s all there is to it.

Want to start a rollover or transfer to an advised account?

Call 1-855-676-2344

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