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About Us: 2010 Investor Study

About Us | ShareBuilder
About Us | ShareBuilder
About Us | ShareBuilder

ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT USA announced the results of a first-of-its-kind comprehensive survey that measured investor sentiment by age groups.

After a decade of economic challenges and a rollercoaster stock market, the survey reveals how younger and older investors perceive market opportunities in 2010 and how their investment habits differ.

The comprehensive survey looked at investor optimism, opportunity, obstacles, influences and expectations on returns.

Key Findings:

  • 43% of investors ages 21 to 39 years old plan to invest more in 2010
  • Almost half, 49% of investors ages 40 - 65 have reduced or eliminated their reliance on financial professionals
  • 30% of the younger group say their parents had the biggest influence in getting them started investing

A comprehensive detailing of the survey research is available:
White Paper
Press Release
The study was conducted by Harris Interactive online from January 7 – 19, 2010.

Fox Business News Interview with ShareBuilder CEO, Dan Greenshields