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Trading with ShareBuilder

Freedom to do it your way. At ShareBuilder, you can trade what you want, the way you want. Stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds—place an order when the time is right. You're in control.

Invest for Less

Online trades are just $6.95, but options, mutual funds, and low-priced securities may be extra. See all pricing & rates for details.

Flexible Orders

Choose from market, limit, stop-loss, trailing stops and more. Enter up to six orders at once with our Multiple Order Entry form.

Trade Your Way

Place a trade from our website or on the go using our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Options & Margin

Are you ready to invest at the next level? Options give advanced investors additional opportunities for potentially rewarding returns. Looking for more buying power?
Trade on margin—check out our rates.

Express Funding

Want to buy securities immediately but don't have all the necessary funds in your ShareBuilder account? Express Funding can make it happen.


Invest your money, not your life.