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About Us: ING DIRECT Kid's Programs

About Us | ShareBuilder
About Us | ShareBuilder
About Us | ShareBuilder

Blast off to Planet Orange or explore the Teacher Resource Center to find out how ING DIRECT is trying to make a difference one child at a time.

Planet Orange

Explore the World of Saving!

Join Planet Orange guides Cedric and Amy as they take you on an exciting journey to four continents—Mandarin Mountains, Tangy Town, Navel City and Orangeopolis—to learn about earning, spending, saving and investing.

Planet Orange is packed with interactive quizzes and animated examples to make learning fun both at home and at school. Blast off to Planet Orange and the Teacher Resource Center, and open a child's eyes to the world of money!

Visit Planet Orange

Teacher Resource Center

Explore the World of Saving and Investing!

We offer free educational materials, such as lesson plans, quizzes, and other great resources to help bring Planet Orange to life in your classroom.

Plan your curriculum by using our curriculum matrix—you can easily search lesson plans by topic or by your state, grade level and subject.

The Teachers Resource Center offers 18 downloadable lesson plans focusing on financial topics designed to complement your existing curriculum. They're all on printer-friendly worksheets.

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