What kind of investments can I find using the Quick Fund Selector?

The Quick Fund Selector tool is a filter to help you find target-date funds. Target-date investments are balanced according to a selected retirement date. These funds reallocate (shift their investments) over time to help ensure the fund has a diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and other assets that are appropriate for their target date. In general, they get more conservative (lower risk, lower potential return) as the retirement date gets closer.

Target date funds are generally made up of other mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Here are some important things to know about Target Date Funds:

  • These funds do not guarantee against losses or that you’ll realize a particular return on that target date. Other factors, like how much you’ve invested or what other investments you carry, are not considered.
  • Individual risk tolerance (how much risk you’re comfortable with) isn’t factored in. The underlying assets (like mutual funds and exchange-traded funds) may carry additional risks due to the assets held in those underlying portfolios.
  • These types of funds are not suitable for all investors. You should carefully review the fund’s prospectus for specific fund risks, objectives, and expenses before investing.
  • These funds (and their underlying funds) are actively managed, so they may carry more ongoing costs than other assets.