What is phishing?

"Phishing" is one of the most prevalent forms of Internet fraud. It is a process where deceptive emails and webpages are used to collect personal information.

Phishing attempts commonly originate through an unsolicited email that appears to be from a company that the recipient trusts and one that has their personal information. These emails may ask you to help the impersonated business by verifying your personal and/or account sign-in information and then provide a seemingly legitimate link to the business. These links may send you to a falsified website that has been created to mirror the impersonated business, but with the sole purpose of capturing your personal information.

If you ever receive an email purporting to be from Capital One Investing℠ that you find suspicious, please remember that we will never:

  • Request that you send us your username or personal information (SSN, credit card, etc.) in an email
  • Send email attachments, except upon your direct request to a specific Capital One Investing staff member
  • Request or provide account passwords, either via email or phone
  • Send "identity verification" email requests — such requests will only be made through the Capital One Investing website

If you are still concerned about an email you have received—especially if it is asking for information that we have stated that we will never ask for—please do not comply with the email's request. Instead, forward the suspect email to spoof@capitaloneinvesting.com or contact our Customer Service team to review the email and verify its authenticity.

For more information about information security, please visit our Safe and Secure Investing page.