Deposit the check from your 401(k) plan into your Capital One Investing℠ IRA

If you already have – or you will have – a rollover check that you want to deposit into your Capital One Investing℠ IRA account, use the instructions below to launch our Rollovers & Transfers tool and get a deposit slip.

  1. Click here to launch the Rollovers & Transfers tool (sign in required).
  2. Select 401(k) in the Transferring Account Type dropdown.
  3. Select the Capital One Investing IRA to which you want to roll over your funds in the Transfer to Account dropdown.
  4. Select the I already have a check from my 401(k) plan to rollover into Capital One Investing rollover type.
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. Make sure your check is made out to you and Capital One Investing (e.g. Capital One Investing FBO Your Name).
  7. Click the Print Form button.

You will then be presented with the deposit slip.

Note: If your check is made payable to you only (or something else), please call one of our Retirement Specialists at 877-464-0292 for additional instructions.