What are the online transfer eligibility requirements?

If all your ducks are in a row, and the accounts are eligible for online transfers, you'll be able to transfer between accounts online. You will not be able to submit a transfer from your source account (the "From" account) if:

  1. You have an open trade order (buy or sell)—this includes Market, Limit, and Stop-Loss Orders
  2. You have a pending deposit or withdrawal scheduled
  3. You have an unsettled trade
  4. You have funds subject to a holding period, usually this is from a recent deposit
  5. You have an existing margin balance
  6. A pending transfer between request is still being processed

In addition to the requirements above, if you are trying to transfer an option position between accounts, you will not be able to submit a transfer if:

  1. The receiving account (the `To Account' you selected) is not approved for the same level of options trading as the 'From Account'.
  2. The options expiration deadline is less than 3 days away.

Tip: If you believe the reasons above do not apply to you, please contact our Customer Service team.