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Can I consolidate my Capital One Investing℠ accounts?

Yes, you can consolidate your accounts if you transfer assets between 'like' accounts.

For example, if you have two Traditional IRAs with us, you can transfer securities or cash from one account to the other to consolidate your assets. If you meet all eligibility requirements, the following transfer types are permitted online:

  • Individual Account → Individual Account
  • Individual Account → Joint Account
  • Individual Account → Roth IRA Account (cash only)
  • Individual Account → Traditional IRA Account (cash only)
  • Individual Account → Education Savings Account (cash only)
  • Roth IRA Account → Roth IRA Account
  • Traditional IRA Account → Traditional IRA Account
  • Joint Account → Joint Account (same account owners)

Tip: If you are transferring cash between 'like' retirement accounts, it will not count toward your annual contribution limit, as we have already accounted for the original contributions (in other words, the initial cash deposited into the IRAs).