How do I request a DRS transfer?

A Direct Registration System (DRS) transfer allows you to transfer shares from your online account directly to the company’s transfer agent, where they are held on your behalf. Common reasons for requesting a DRS transfer include:

  • Participating in a company's dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)
    • Note: We allow you to reinvest your cash dividends commission-free, without the need for a DRS transfer. Click here to find out how.

  • The ability to request a stock certificate from the transfer agent
    • Note: Not all companies issue stock certificates. We encourage you to contact the company's transfer agent directly to confirm if certificates can be issued.

Still interested in requesting a DRS transfer? Here's how to get started:

  1. Review our DRS-Eligible Securities list to ensure your security is eligible for a transfer.
  2. Make sure your online account’s cash balance has sufficient funds to cover the DRS transfer charge ($30 per security). If you do not have sufficient funds, please send a check, wire funds, or place a one-time electronic funds transfer request from a checking or savings account.
  3. Email the following information to our Customer Service team:
    • Detail your transfer request in writing by using the following phrase: “Please issue a DRS transfer for (number of whole shares) share(s) for (ticker symbol).”
    • Include your online account number and the name(s) listed on your online account.
  4. Once your request is received and approved, the DRS transfer is typically completed within 30 days.