What is a letter of authorization?

Sometimes, investors need to change the registration on their stock certificates. Maybe you're moving stock from an individual account to a joint account or changing from two account owners to one account holder. This is where a Letter of Authorization comes into play. Here are a few common situations where a letter is required:

  • An individual registered certificate into a joint Capital One Investing℠ account
  • A joint certificate into an individual Capital One Investing account
  • A `Tenants in Common' certificate into a joint Capital One Investing account
  • Any certificates transferred upon the death of an owner

To print and complete a Letter of Authorization:

  1. Sign In at www.capitaloneinvesting.com (let's get the party started)
  2. Go to Accounts > Overview > Forms & Applications
  3. Under `Manage stocks', pick the printable Letter of Authorization you need for your situation. You'll want either the 'Individual Stock Certificate to Joint Account' form, or the 'Joint Stock Certificate to Individual Account' form
  4. Have the form notarized or medallion signature guaranteed
  5. Please mail the form and stock certificates to:

    Capital One Investing, LLC
    P.O. Box 4249
    Seattle, WA 98194-0249

Tip: All certificate owners must sign this letter and the signatures must be verified by Notary or Medallion Signature Guarantee.