How do I cancel an Capital One Investing℠ order?

If your order status is Open or Pending Funding, you can tell us to cancel that unfilled order. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Invest tab, then Order Status
  2. Click Cancel next to the open order and Cancel Order on the pop-up screen

Tip: If you’re using your bank account to pay for your ShareBuilder® investment plan, it may be too late to cancel your bank deposit. If that happens, the money will arrive in your cash balance, but won’t be invested. You’ll be able to withdraw the deposit after a 5 business day holding period. This cancellation only cancels one order, not your whole ShareBuilder plan. If you want to stop future orders from being placed, you can switch your plan off

You can’t cancel an order that has already posted (even if it is only part of your order). For orders that are placed while the market is open, any cancellation you make after the market closes at 4 PM ET will not free up your money (from a buy order) or shares (from a sell order) until shortly before the market opens the next business day. This is when we receive the cancellation confirmation from our clearing firm, Pershing LLC.