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When will my funds be available?

One-time electronic funds transfer

A one-time electronic funds transfer submitted by 5 PM ET on any regular business day will be processed and a transfer request will be sent to your bank. The funds you requested will be deposited in your Capital One Investing? account at the start of the next business day. In an instance where a request is sent on a Friday, your funds will be posted on the following Monday (next regular business day). All funds will be deposited into your account's cash balance.

Recurring electronic funds transfer

If you create a recurring electronic funds transfer, your funds will be available on the next business day after your "request date". The request date is determined by the deposit frequency you choose while setting up your recurring electronic funds transfer (such as monthly, weekly, 1st and 15th, or every 2 weeks). Once your recurring deposit frequency is established, all funding requests will be automatically sent on the request date prior to the 5 PM ET deadline, and your funds will be available on the next business day. In an instance where your recurring transfer request falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, the request will be made on the following business day.

Note: If you change the checking or savings account on file for your Capital One Investing account, please be aware that all future deposit requests will be made from the updated account.

Lastly, if you set up a recurring electronic funds transfer, the next funding request will be created 5 days prior to being sent to your financial institution. You can view all funding requests on the Transfer Status page.

Margin Accounts (only):

If your account has a maintenance call, fed call, or a margin loan balance, any deposited funds will go towards paying down the balance.

In order to satisfy the margin call, which is due within 3 business days of the date you were first notified, your Request Date must be at least 1 business days prior to the due date.

If you have both a maintenance and fed call, the Deposit Amount should be the greater of the call amounts in order to move the account out of the margin call.

Important: Buying securities on margin is not appropriate for all investors. Before investing on margin, please read the Margin Account Agreement for important risk disclosure information, and see our margin interest rates.