How do I determine how much I can withdraw from my Capital One Investing℠ account?

It depends on a few factors. But, you can withdraw funds that aren't tied up in a pending order, have already settled, and aren't subject to any holding periods.

Here is a list of possible fund designations that may appear in the 'Funds Availability' section of the 'Withdraw Money' page:

  • Cash Balance – Total amount of funds showing in your Capital One Investing℠ account.
    • Open Orders – Funds being used for a pending buy order
    • Other Funds Requests – Funds being used for a pending withdrawal request
    • Margin Loan Availability – Margin accounts can withdraw this amount to use outside of their account; this does not include the Cash Balance
  • Maximum Funds Available to Request – Total amount of funds available for new buy orders—these funds may be subject to holding periods
    • Unsettled Trades – Funds from the sale of stock not available for withdrawal from your Capital One Investing account until settlement date, 3 market days after the trade date (1 market day for option and mutual fund trades)
    • Uncollected Funds – Funds from recent deposits that are subject to holding periods
  • Funds Available to Request Today – Maximum amount of funds available for immediate withdraw from your Capital One Investing account.

Only funds that are in your cash balance can be withdrawn from your Capital One Investing account. If you own securities in your account, and wish to withdraw the value of those securities, you will first need to sell the individual securities with an online trade.

Also, holding periods may affect funds availability for withdrawals from your Capital One Investing account. Please refer to the table below:

Holding Periods
Funding Method Holding Period
Electronic Funds Deposits 5 business days
Check or Money Order 10 business days
Payroll Deposit No Waiting Period
Wire Transfer No Waiting Period
Proceeds from the sale of stock 3 market days

Tip: Bank-only holidays such as Columbus Day and Veterans Day aren't considered settlement days. To view a list of all market holidays, see our Holiday and Trading Calendar.

Important: Buying securities on margin isn't appropriate for every investor. Before investing on margin, please give the Margin Account Agreement the once over to review important risk disclosure information, and see our margin interest rates.