How does the ShareBuilder® investment plan work?

The ShareBuilder® investment plan allows you to make dollar-based investments in stocks, ETFs and mutual funds on the security or securities you select on a schedule that you chose.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select the securities you'd like to buy and pick a dollar amount to invest
    To find securities you want to buy in your plan, you can find them in our Research section or use our convenient in-page tabs (e.g. Top Stocks, Top ETFs, Mutual Funds).
  2. Next, set the investment frequency and schedule of your plan for a Tuesday
    You can choose to invest when funds are available in your Capital One Investing℠ account, on a recurring basis or one time.
  3. Transfer money to pay for your ShareBuilder plan investments
    You can fund the purchase(s) either from your bank account or from cash available in your Capital One Investing account's cash balance.

Once you have followed these steps and saved your ShareBuilder plan, we automatically process your scheduled instructions, including transferring money (if you’re using this option), creating open orders and executing your trades. If you need to make a change to your investments or schedule, go right ahead edit your plan as often as you like.

Tip: Changes to your ShareBuilder plan need to be done before 5:00 PM ET on the business day before an investment Tuesday. And, enough cash must be available or on the way. Otherwise, it's too late to set up a plan for the current week. All sales are made with online trades and are subject to applicable commissions.