How do I add stocks and ETFs to my ShareBuilder® investment plan?

Depending on whether you're changing an existing plan, or setting up a plan for the first time, we have you covered.

Instructions for both are provided below:

Tip: When putting stocks, mutual funds or ETFs in your plan, please enter whole dollar amounts, only. Also, any applicable transaction costs will get deducted from the investment amount.

To edit your ShareBuilder® investment plan's securities:

  1. First, you'll need to navigate to Invest > ShareBuilder (sign in required) and once there, click on the Edit link next to the 'Funding Source'. Or if you are creating your Plan, it will be the first step in Plan Setup process.
  2. If you have an existing Plan, click the Change Investments link located in the heading of the 'Your Plan Investments' table.
  3. From the `Add by Symbol' tab, enter the Symbol you want to buy, enter the dollar amount to invest, and then click the green Add to Plan button. If you need some help, we have a few different in-page tabs to help you find securities:
    • Add by Symbol lets you enter a specific symbol for a company.
    • Find a symbol lets you type in the name of a company to find it's symbol.
    • Add Top Stocks and Add Top ETFs shows lists of the stocks and ETFs that customers have purchased the most in their ShareBuilder plans.
    • Add from Watch List lets you move securities from your watch list to your investing plan.
  4. Continue adding securities until you've put in everything your heart desires. You can also:
    • Change a security's investment Dollar Amount – and then click Recalculate to view new investment totals.
    • Remove a security by clicking the Remove from Plan button.
  5. Click the Save button. (Or the Next button if you are creating your Plan).
  6. Tip: A plan needs to contain at least one security, whether it's switched on or off.

Tip: Changes to your ShareBuilder plan need to be done before 5:00 PM ET on the business day before an investment Tuesday. And, enough funds must be available or on the way. Otherwise, it's too late to set up a plan for the current week.