Why do you have an abandoned account handling charge?

If you sign in to your account on a regular basis (we recommend at least once a year), you don't have to worry about this $25 charge.

What is an abandoned account?

State laws consider an account abandoned if it hasn't been accessed for 3 years. If we haven't seen you sign in to your account in a couple of years, we try and contact you through phone, email and mailing you letters.

If we are unable to contact you and the account hasn't been accessed, we assess the $25 charge to help cover the costs of handling abandoned accounts and the costs of complying with various state laws.

This $25 charge is non-refundable and applies to each abandoned account.

Tip: If an account has less than $25 in assets, all of the assets in the account will be used to pay the handling charge.

More information about abandoned accounts and unclaimed property laws