Overview of Stocks

Our Stock Overview page delivers a variety of investment research, including price quotes, up-to-date news, interactive charts and innovative tools. The Stocks page is a broad snapshot of the following features:

  • Popular Screens – Tools to help you find similar stocks in popular industries and by criteria
  • Markit Consensus Upgrades – You can search for recent upgrades and downgrades to stock rating by Markit Research Team
  • Your Investments – Quick links to your Portfolio and your Watch List
  • Recently Viewed Stocks – Never lose track of what you researched last
  • Most Popular Stocks – Go to the menu title on the right side to show a list of stocks with the most online trades placed by other Capital One Investing℠ customers
  • Recent IPOs – Find out what new Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have started trading
  • Learn About Stocks – Find out all about the risks and rewards for investing in stocks with our Knowledge Center articles

Throughout Research and the entire Capital One Investing website, quotes can always be conveniently accessed. A stock's symbol link always takes you to the detailed stock quote page. Look for the Search or Get Quote bar located at the top right of the page or the Get Quote bar located at the bottom of the page, enter a symbol or the company’s name and click the result you want to see a detailed quote for.

Snapshot Tab

This page provides a great look at some of the key information on the selected stock, including:

  • Price Movement chart – See a graph of the stock price over the last few days or by different time periods
  • Ratings & Reports – Take a look at what expert research companies have to say about this stock
  • In the News – The latest news stories about the stock you selected
  • Your Investment – A snapshot of how many shares you hold in the selected stock and what additional trading options are available to buy more

Profile Tab

Take a look at the important share data and technical statistics for the selected stock, including:

  • Business Summary and Officers – What this company does and who runs the show
  • Key Statistics & Ratios – These numbers can provide a sense of the stock's financial strengths and weaknesses as well as what you need to know about any upcoming dividend
  • Company Profile – Details on the company the stock represents such as its sector and industry and a quick link to their website

News Tab

Keeping up with the news reported about the company and the stock’s trends in the market can help to give you some indications for the future. We have two ways to help keep you tuned in:

  • News Articles – Take a look at articles pre-filtered for the selected stock already organized by date
  • Video News – Watch, don’t read, about what’s been going on in the world of the stock you’re researching with videos from WSJ Live

Charts Tab

Interact with the chart that tracks the selected stock to find out how it’s trending and even how your own buys and sells fit in. View charts as technical or as basic as you like with the following tools:

  • Compare – Chart a percentage comparison between the selected stock and another stock, index, sector and more. You can also see how well this stock is doing compared to companies providing the same types of products and services simply by selecting the Show Sector Comparison box and then go to Compare.
  • Technical Indicators – Track the trend, momentum and volume. Select the boxes for the indicators you wish to display and then go to View.
  • Events – See how events such as dividends, rating changes and even your own buys and sells fit on the chart. You can check any of the boxes for the events you wish you see and then click View.
  • Chart Styles – You don’t have to view the chart as a single line. Check out the other styles and scales you can use by selecting one of each and then go to View.

Not sure what you’re seeing? Look for the Chart Notes link on the right side of the chart for some quick analysis.

Ratings Tab

We give you access to stock reports from the top providers such as Morningstar, Sabrient and The Street Ratings. These in-depth stock reports and ratings are conveniently consolidated into a Consensus Report by Markit Research Team to provide a weighted average rating of the stock from 19 rating providers. Several kinds of reports are available on this tab including:

  • Research Reports – Detailed reports from the pros including technical charts, company profiles and ratings from dedicated research companies (you’ll need Adobe Reader to load these reports)
  • Wall Street Analyst Ratings – The Average Broker Rating (ABR) shows where the selected stock stands on the rating scale between strong buy and strong sell
  • Historical Recommendations – You can tell if the assessment of the selected stock has gone up or down over the last 3 months and see what ratings have changed

Options Tab

Here’s where you can search for options contracts for the underlying stock. Filter your search with the following criteria:

  • Expiration Date – Select from the available expiration dates for options contracts currently trading
  • Option Type – Narrow your search to just calls, puts or both
  • Option Range – Choose how close the option is to being in-the-money (if the contract has value in the market)

Tip: Find more tools for options traders under the Research tab in the Options section.

Please note: Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before investing in options, please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

Earnings & Events Tab

You can track how a stock is performing based on the company’s profits and performance expectations. You can also find past events and other important earnings data such as:

  • Earnings Per Share – A simple bar graph compares the estimated earnings with the actual public earnings report
  • Estimates – This table displays the average, high and low earnings estimates for select time periods
  • Earnings Comparison – See how the selected stock stacks up against its sector and the S&P 500 Index
  • Earnings Summary (EPS) – A quick look at the most recent earnings per share (EPS) estimates for the selected stock
  • Corporate Actions and Events – Use the table of past events to find information by selecting the drop down link in the top right corner and then go to the category you wish to display

Important Past Events on this page include:

  • Earnings – See the difference between the company’s estimated earnings and what they reported at the end of the last financial period
  • Splits – The date of the most recent stock splits and the split factor (ratio)
  • Dividends – Find past and future dividend payments and dividend dates
  • Webcasts – Watch the company report their most recent earnings via online video
  • Revisions – Any changes to the earnings estimate before the report is released are shown here as a revision
  • Guidance – Earnings guidance as estimated by the company’s executives in recent announcements towards the upcoming earnings report

Financials Tab

Here you can take a look at one of the fundamental measures of a company’s standing: its money. You can see the company’s flow of funds with three different financial statements either annually or quarterly:

  • Balance Sheet – Assets (what it owns) – Liabilities (what it owes) = Shareholder’s Equity (net worth)
  • Income Statement – This is where you’d find the company’s financial performance over a specific time period
  • Cash Flow Statement – See where the company’s money is coming from and what it’s spent on

On the right, you’ll also find past SEC Filings in PDF format (you’ll need Adobe Reader to see these).