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Recover Sign-In Information

What if I don't know my username?

If you need some help figuring out your username, select the Forgot your username? link and answer the questions. If everything looks good, we'll plug your username in the right spot, so you can finish signing in.

How do I sign in if I forgot my password?

If your password has escaped your memory bank, you can still access your account by following these instructions:

  1. Below the green Sign In button, look for the link that says Forgot Username or Password?
  2. We'll ask you to verify some personal information. If everything checks out, we'll help you reset your password.

How do I sign in if I forgot my username?

Click on the Forgot Username or Password? link on the home page and follow the instructions to look up your username.

Is the Capital One Investing℠ site secure?

You bet the Capital One Investing℠ website and apps are secure. Our tech department has mad computer scientists whose job it is to make sure your account stays safe. For investors who like technical details, we'll match the encryption level of your browser up to 256-bit.

We also use a bunch of physical, electronic and procedural methods to safeguard our systems and your information.

Tip: For a fun read, please refer to our privacy policy or review the Security and Protection section. There, you'll see legal jargon that says we'll never sell your contact or account information.

Why do I need to provide my mother's maiden name?

If your username slips your memory, we'll ask for your mom's maiden name as a way to verify your identity.