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Funding Your Account

How do I withdraw money from my Capital One Investing℠ account?

There are 3 ways to withdraw money from your Capital One Investing℠ account:

Only settled funds held in your cash balance that aren't reserved for trades, other transfers, or holding periods, can be withdrawn from your Capital One Investing account.

How do I change the checking or savings account on file with Capital One Investing℠?

Changing your checking or savings account takes about as long as brewing a cup of coffee. Check out the instructions below.

  1. Sign in to (our favorite website)
  2. Go to Accounts > Transfer Money > Manage Bank Accounts
  3. Find the bank account you want to update and click the Change link next to it
  4. Enter the new information for your bank account and click Next
  5. Verify your account information and authorize the change by entering the last four digits of your Social Security number
  6. Click the Submit button

Tip: We could bore you with legal jargon, but we aren't that cruel. Instead we just wanted to let you know the funds request deadline is 5:00pm (ET) for funds to be available on the next business day.

All the changes made to your Personal Info and/or Account Settings will also need to be made on E*TRADE’s website.