Funding with Payroll Deposit

How do I fund my account with a direct deposit?

We have a direct deposit form that lets you specify an amount to send from your paycheck to your Capital One Investing℠ account. The funds are deposited in your cash balance and can be used to buy securities.

To setup a direct deposit from your employer:

  1. Sign in to the Capital One Investing website
  2. Click on Accounts > Transfer Money > Deposit & Withdrawal > Payroll Deposit
  3. Click the Direct Deposit form link under the Direct Deposit Instructions section
  4. Print and fill out the form
  5. Take the form to your employer's HR or Payroll department to have your funds taken out of your paycheck each pay period

IMPORTANT: Because your employer handles the transfer of funds, your payroll department must handle all changes to your direct deposit, including stopping the deposits. For routing purposes, your payroll department should consider your Capital One Investing account as a savings account.

When will my payroll deposits begin?

Capital One Investing cannot determine when your first payroll deposit will be made. Once you have submitted the paperwork to your payroll department, they may require pre-noting. Your payroll department should be able to answer any questions about the timing of your initial deposit.

What is pre-noting?

Pre-noting is a series of small deposits made to ensure that payroll deposits will go through smoothly.

Your payroll department may pre-note before they'll complete a deposit into your Capital One Investing℠ account. Pre-noting may take several pay periods to complete. Please direct any questions you have about this process to your payroll department.