Trade Confirmations

How do I view my trade confirmations?

It's always good to check the details of your buys and sells. Click on Trade > Trade Confirmations (sign in required) to check out your recent trade confirmations.

When you view confirmations, the default display period is for the Current Month. You can view older trade confirmations by selecting Last Month or Year to Date from the 'Time Period' menu.

Once you have found the trade confirmation you want to review, click View to open the confirmation in a new browser window. To print your trade confirmation, go to your browser's File menu and select Print.

Tip: Trade confirmations are only available online. To view your statements, please follow the directions below.

What information will my trade confirmations show?

Each trade confirmation is chuck-full of details, including:

  • Trade Date – The date your transaction took place
  • Settlement Date – The date that the security and cash exchanged hands, which is the third business day after a stock or ETF trade and the first business day after an option or mutual fund trade
  • Market – The exchange or market the trade was routed through
  • Capacity – Capital One Investing℠'s role in the transaction (agent, principle, or a combination)
  • Transaction Number – A unique reference number assigned to the transaction
  • Price – The price per share at the time the transaction executioned
  • Principal Amount – The dollar amount of the transaction
  • Commission – The amount of the commission (if any)
  • Misc. Fee – Any other charges related to the transaction