Funding ShareBuilder® investment plan with a checking or savings account

You bet it's possible to pull funds directly from your checking or savings account to pay for your ShareBuilder® investment plan purchases. If you established a specific investment frequency (weekly, monthly, twice a month, or one-time) for your ShareBuilder plan, then you can connect your Plan to your checking or savings account.

  1. First, you'll need to navigate to Invest > ShareBuilder (sign in required) and once there, click on the Edit link next to the 'Funding Source'. Or if you are creating your Plan, it will be the first step in Plan Setup process.
  2. Select the Automatically fund via electronic funds transfer radio button to enable automatic transfers from your checking or savings account. Make sure your checking or savings account information looks correct, then authorize the transfer by checking the Transfer Authorization box.
  3. Click Next and keep following the steps (if you're setting up a brand new investment plan) or click Save (if you're editing a plan you've set up already).

How do I enter my checking or savings account information?

Tip: Changes to your ShareBuilder plan need to be done before 5:00 PM ET on the business day before an investment Tuesday(generally Monday at 5 PM ET). And, enough funds must be available or on the way. Otherwise, it's too late to set up a plan for the current week