How do I clear my internet browser cache?

Clearing your browser’s cache can clear up any recurring difficulties you’ve experienced with our website by removing the troublesome pages you’ve visited before. It’s like a browser history reset. How you can clear your cache depends on the kind of browser you use:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 9 and 10) – Go to the browser’s Safety menu and then Delete browsing history. Select Temporary Internet files and Cookies and then Delete.
  • Mozilla Firefox (most recent version) – Go to the Firefox menu and select Options, which opens a new window. Select the Advanced panel, select Clear Now next to Cached Web Content.
  • Google Chrome (most recent version) – Go to the Chrome menu and select Tools, then Clear browsing data. Select Empty the cache and Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data, then select Clear browsing data.
  • Apple Safari (versions 6 and above) – Go to the Safari menu and select Reset Safari. Select Empty the cache and Remove all cookies, then Reset.
  • Tip: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome have a shortcut to these steps if you hold the Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys, then select Clear Now.

    You can make sure your browser is compatible with the Capital One Investing website, and find links to update it if need be, with our browser compatibility tool. If your browser has different navigational steps than these instructions, you probably are using an older version of the browser and you’ll need to update it.