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Account History

How do I view my account's transaction history?

To find a detailed history of all the transactions in your account (buys, sells, dividends, etc), please follow the instructions below: navigate to Accounts > Transaction History (sign in required). In addition, you can download this information into Excel (CSV).

The default setting lets you see all the activity for the past 7 days, but you can change the settings to fit your specific needs:

Time Period

You can choose either the pre-defined Time Period or choose a Custom Date range.

Tip: When selecting Custom Dates, you can only view one year at a time, but the 'From' date can be set to a date as early as December 1, 1999.

Date Range

When you select a pre-defined date, the 'from' and 'to' dates automatically pop up. You can either use the pre-defined date, or edit it to create your own custom date range.


The Transaction list lets you filter the types of transactions you'd like to look at within your account. For example, You can filter the list to show only your ShareBuilder® investment plan trades.

  • All Transactions – All account transactions for a specific time period will show up.
  • All Trades – All buys and sells in your account, regardless of the type of security, gets displayed.
    • Automatic Investments – Only shows buy orders you've made through the ShareBuilder plan.
    • Buy Trades – Let's you see buys transactions of stocks and ETF's.
    • Sell Trades – Let's you see sell transactions of stocks and ETF's.
    • Mutual Fund Trades – Shows activity for mutual fund buys and sells.
    • Options Trades – Includes all buys and sells of options contracts
  • Funds Transfer – All cash transfers in-and-out of your Capital One Investing℠ account.
    • Deposits – Any cash you put into your Capital One Investing account (deposits from checking account, wire transfers, etc) show up in this filter.
    • Withdrawals – Cash you take out of your Capital One Investing account (withdrawals to checking or savings account, etc) shows up here.
  • Dividends – If you've received any type of dividend in your Capital One Investing account, it shows up here.

Tip: All transactions are ordered by Date.

If you want to look at activity in another one of your Capital One Investing accounts, use the 'Switch Accounts' box (linked accounts only).

Options Disclaimer: Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Before investing in options, please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

How do I export my history to Excel?

By following the instructions below, you can download your Capital One Investing℠ account history as a CSV file (comma-separated values or comma delimited) for use in Microsoft® Excel. Here's how:

  1. Go to Accounts > Transaction History (sign in required).
  2. Select the Time Period you wish to download and click the View button, followed by the Account Activity Download button. Only the Time Period you see in the web page will download.

Tip: Every transaction in the time period you select is included in the file you download.

Support Levels

Capital One Investing Customer Service doesn't provide support for Excel. We recommend you visit the Microsoft Office Excel website, which provides detailed instructions on importing your CSV file into Excel.

What's this transaction?

Your Capital One Investing℠ account may have transactions that are a bit different than the usual trades and money transfers. Many corporate actions are also reported in your transaction history:

You can search for these transactions by setting your search criteria to show all transactions.