How do I request a physical stock certificate?

The times are changing, and everything is going electronic. That's why the brokerage industry (including us) has moved away from issuing physical stock certificates.

However, it is still possible to get a physical stock certificate into your hands if the security is DRS eligible and the transfer agent is willing to issue you one.

The first step is to verify that your security is eligible to be transferred via the Direct Registration System (DRS). Locate your security in our list of DRS Eligible Securities. If the security is DRS eligible, you need to submit a DRS transfer and request the physical stock certificate from the company's transfer agent. The name of the transfer agent is shown for each security on the list.

Tip: You can contact the company's Investor Relations department for more information on transferring securities via DRS.

If your security is not DRS eligible, you may still be able to request a physical stock certificate, but you need to speak directly with the company's transfer agent. Physical stock certificates may be obtained from the transfer agent for securities that still issue them. Contact the transfer agent for more information.

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