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Why invest with an advisor?

Life is complicated. Personalized, expert advice can help you plan for it.

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Work with an expert who cares.

Family, health, career, lifestyle—what’s outside your portfolio affects your financial life. Navigating these complexities can be challenging, but our financial advisors are ready to help. They’ll take the time to listen, and they’ll work with you to define goals, set priorities and build a plan that aligns with your ambitions. Every step of the way, their goal is to put you first, now and through the years.

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Is working with an advisor right for you?

If you’re looking for a trusted, long-term partnership and someone who can help you manage your portfolio. However, if you want to research stocks, funds and other securities independently, using our research tools and investing online might be a better fit for you.

See a side-by-side comparison of investing with an advisor and investing on your own.

What's your top priority right now?
An advisor can help you plan for it.

  • Make your retirement your own.

    What kind of life do you want once you’ve decided you’re done working? Retirement often involves a change in money flow and management as you also change your lifestyle.

    If you’re just starting to plan for retirement, a financial advisor can help you build an investment strategy that takes advantage of your longer time horizon, and then help you manage that strategy as your income changes over the years. If you’re preparing to retire or you’re already living in retirement, an advisor can help you with the preservation of your wealth.

  • Plan for your free time.

    Some dream of traveling the world. Others want a vacation home, road trips or to give back to their community.

    The bigger the dream, the bigger the price tag that may come with it, and the more time you may need to work towards it. Working with a financial advisor can help you plan for that big trip, new hobby or even that new car you’ve been eyeing—while staying on track with your other goals.

  • Take care of your family.

    Many people’s lives revolve around family. From getting married to having children to retiring to caring for elderly parents—family is often a life-long commitment.

    A financial advisor can help you plan ahead to support your family as it changes over the years. Your advisor can also help ensure that your financial strategy remains relevant as your situation and priorities change because we want to make sure your investments remain aligned with your goals. You can also work with our insurance professionals to incorporate life and long-term care options as part of your comprehensive plan.

  • Make yourself a home.

    A home is where family gathers and where many people hope to live into their golden years. Maybe even pass along to the next generation. It's also a significant investment.

    One way you might make this goal a reality is through careful investing. An advisor can help you allocate your investment strategy to try to help you meet your goal. On the other hand, if you plan on selling your home and investing the proceeds, an advisor can help you decide how to allocate those assets to support other goals you may have.

  • Plan for the unpredictable.

    Life comes with surprises. Some, such as a sudden windfall, can benefit you. Others, such as natural disasters and market volatility, are less welcome.

    Wherever you are in life, the unexpected may still happen. It's important to be prepared. A financial advisor can help you adjust your investment strategy accordingly to help it stay on track over the long term and to accommodate immediate financial changes you may need to make in the short term.

  • Bringing your financial future into focus.

    How you manage your financial life can have a significant impact on your overall investment plan.

    A financial advisor can work with you to help ensure that your plan accommodates your efforts to get out of debt and build up your emergency fund. They can also suggest tax-efficient investing strategies so that you can keep working towards your long-term goals at the same time you work towards your short-term ones, too.

  • Commit to higher education.

    Paying for college—yours, your child's or someone else's—is one of the larger responsibilities you can choose to accept.

    Whether you're going back to school, paying off student loans or setting up a college fund for someone else, a financial advisor can help you build it into your plan. An advisor can also offer suggestions and ideas for investing in a minor's education, even if that minor isn't part of your immediate family.

  • Keep up with your career.

    Your career is at the heart of your financial life. For many, it's also part of how you define yourself and how you support your family.

    Over the years, your career could evolve as you change companies, change jobs or decide to venture out on your own and start a business. A financial advisor can help ensure that your plan remains relevant as your career changes and suggest potential investing strategies that might help you make the most of your peak earning years.

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