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Express Funding

If you would like to buy stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds immediately, but don't have enough cash in your Capital One Investing online account, we offer Express Funding. Just select Express Funding when you make your trade. We will place the trade order today and request the money from your linked bank account in one fell swoop. Essentially, Express Funding enables you to place an order without requiring that you first post a deposit to your account.

How Does Express Funding Work?

Here's how it works - If you are trying to place a buy order that will cost more than your Cash Available for Investing, select Express Funding as your Funding Source, and we'll automatically create an electronic deposit to transfer the required amount from your linked checking or savings account. At the same time, we'll place your order to buy shares without delay while we process the deposit.

You can use Express Funding for buy orders in individual, joint and custodial accounts. There is a $6.95 charge (on top of the commission) for each trade that uses Express Funding. This charge is added to the cost of your trade, but we'll waive it if the money is coming from a Capital One bank account.

How much money can I request with Express Funding?

When you use Express Funding to pay for a trade, you can have up to $5,000 in open deposit requests at one time. After the deposits show up in your investing account (within 1-2 business days), you can make additional trades using Express Funding.

Tip: Are you a Capital One 360 customer? Want to move funds quickly to Capital One Investing? Check out our Instant Transfer feature.

How is the Express Funding deposit amount calculated?

The Express Funding Transfer Amount is the difference between the Estimated Cost of Trade and your Cash Available for Investing. In addition to this, we'll ask you to authorize a little more money just in case of any increase in the stock price from market movement. For example, if the estimated total cost of the trade is $750 and your cash available for investing is $500, the Express Funding deposit request (the Transfer Amount) will be $289: $250 to complete the trade, plus $25 to account for market volatility, plus $13.90 for commission plus the Express Funding charge (rounded up).

If your trade does not execute, you will not be charged $6.95 and the money you transferred will stay in your account. Remember, the Express Funding charge is waived if the money is coming from a Capital One bank account.

In some cases the amount needed to complete the trade may exceed the Estimated Required Amount. If this happens, we will not update the amount you authorized (because we can't, and won't, take money from your bank account that you didn't request). This situation will result in a debit cash balance in your account and you will need to make another deposit that covers the debit.

How do I pay the Express Funding charge?

When you place a trade, the Express Funding charge is added to your total transaction cost. For example, if your base commission cost is $6.95, and you place a trade using Express Funding ($6.95), your total commission is now $13.90.

What securities can I buy with Express Funding?

You can purchase securities with Express Funding as long as it meets certain criteria, such as market capitalization and average daily trading volume. Most stocks are available for purchase with Express Funding. We reserve the right to change the eligibility of a stock available for Express Funding at any time.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

When an Express Funding order is placed before 5 PM ET on a business day, the electronic deposit will be processed the same day. If the order is placed after 5 PM ET, over the weekend or on a holiday, the deposit will be processed on the next business day. In either case, the funds will post to your investment account on the business day following the processing.

And, just in case you missed it, the $6.95 Express Funding charge is waived if the money is coming from a Capital One bank account.