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Introducing Capital One Advisors Managed Portfolios.

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A digital portfolio
with a human touch.

A Managed Portfolio combines the benefits of efficient investing technology with the expertise of financial advisors. It’s a diversified set of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that you can access online anytime—but you never have to run numbers or place trades yourself. Your portfolio will stay true to your investing approach while you live your life.

Start your portfolio with $25,000 or more.
Pay only 0.9% of your assets under management annually.

A balance of
risk and return
that’s right for you.

Managed Portfolios are made exclusively of low-cost, third-party ETFs. These ETFs span various asset classes—stocks, bonds and cash—to help diversify your money effectively. Each portfolio is carefully crafted with the goal of delivering favorable returns at a corresponding level of risk. Your investing goals and risk tolerance help determine which one is a good match.

Hypothetical Portfolio Asset Allocation

Get personalized investing advice

A team of professionals behind every decision.

The Capital One Advisors Investment Committee brings decades of financial expertise to the table. They regularly review each portfolio model, and the included ETFs, to ensure there’s an appropriate balance of potential risk and return. They also designed the advanced algorithm that keeps your portfolio balanced as market conditions change.

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    Answer some questions about what you’re investing for and how you feel about market fluctuations and risk.

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    Look over the portfolio that aligns with your goal and risk tolerance. If you like it, accept it with one click.

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    Fund your portfolio.

    Start a new online Capital One Investing account in minutes, then deposit funds to get your portfolio going.

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