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Research made easier

Quickly and easily get information to help you choose the right investments for you.

Research investments

Research investments with ease.

Focus on finding your next investment instead of finding your way around with our easy-to-use research tools. Quickly search for investments that fit your strategy and style. Monitor current and potential investments. See the data you want, how you want, with interactive charts. Create watch lists to keep up with certain stocks, and use heat maps to track the day's performers.

Explore research tools

Search for specific types of securities

Access information quickly.

Each security type has its own research center, which gives you fast access to ratings, news and other information. You can also check out current market conditions that may be affecting securities across the U.S. market. It's all so you can research your next stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF), mutual fund or fixed income bond fund that much faster.

Morningstar reports

See what experts have to say.

Review Morningstar® ratings and reports for stocks and funds—as you research. And check out Markit Research Team Consensus reports, which bring together ratings and analysis from up to 13 providers in one easy-to-read package. Experts can't predict the future, but they can give you some valuable insight as you research your next investment.